More than 30 years in the market, working and developing solutions with the same passion and dedication. Uncompromised dedication and experience make us market leaders.


We are continuously improving our processes to deliver the best product and service to our clients.


We are committed to the environment and developing enviromentally friendly sustainable products.

About Us

Industry of Packings Typack S.A. was born  in 1984 as a response to the increasing demand for packaging  in the Fruit industry, specializing itself in the production of thermoformed packagings.

Typack,  thanks to its  subsidiary Recipet , ensures that all  its packaging  in  thermoformed PET is made up of a high percentage of recycling material which helps reduce the company’s carbon foot print.

According to market census, Typack is a global leader in the production of clamshells, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, grapes and alveolar trays for carozos, etc.  Our high level of quality, as well as our constant concern for innovation and environmental care,  allows us to be a relevant  supplier of clamshells  to  the fruit industry.

We abide by the highest standards of quality  with ISO 9001:2008; BRC IoP and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)  certification for all our products. Certifications allow us to accredit our level of quality and commitment to continuous improvement  for all our processes.

We possess high technology and  production capacity to satisfy the demand for clamshells both in the Southern and Northern hemispheres.  We are one of  few manufacturers of clamshells in the world approved by the biggest supermarket chains in the US and Europe. These include Costco, Walmart and Tesco giving us direct access to their supply chains.

This has allowed Typack  to position itself as a global leader in the RPET market .

Remaining constant with its production philosophy,  Typack  has entered the Dairy Industry producing  PAI laminate via  plastic extrusion technology.

Typack delivers solutions to meet the needs of its clients through innovative continuous improvements and plant capacity which allows the company to fulfill customer commitments.

Typack´s packaging meet the following quality standards:


    For all our processes, which accredits the standard of our production and the search of an improvement continues. To see


    That allows us to commercialize our products directly in USA and on the most demanding markets of the world. To see

  • Certificacion HACCP

    (Good Practices of Manufacture) and HACCP (“Hazard analysis and critical control points”) which indicates our commitment for expiring with the standards of quality and identical innocuousness to the products that we commercialize. To see


    The Certification BRC, it allows us to expire with one of the most demanding standards worldwide in topics of innocuousness, marking a milestone in our history and positioning Chile inside the suppliers of packings authorized by the European market. To see

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Clamshells Line

Our products are made by the highest standards of quality:

    • Human Equipment
    • Quality control
    • Infrastructure
    • Years of experience


The productive plant and Typack’s commercial offices are located strategically in the south exit of Santiago, with rapid accesses to General Velásquez and South Panamericana, which improves and facilitates the delivery of our products.

CHILE – Typack S.A.

Address: Camino Santa Margarita 01501.

San Bernardo, Santiago, Chile.

MEXICO – Naminsa S.A.C.V.

Company of the holding that corresponds to our head office of distribution in Mexico, located in City of the Los Reyes-Michoacán.

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